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The Weekly Planner 每週計劃表

I am a big fan of notebooks and desk pads. I enjoy organizing my schedule by utilizing different types of planners. Now, I design my favorite format according to my own needs. I am so obsessed with this weekly planner. It helps me a lot to organize my daily life and plan. I am truly recommend this type to you.

我是記事本和辦公桌行事曆的忠實粉絲,喜歡使用不同類型的計劃本來安排日程表。現在,根據自身需求,我設計出自己喜歡的樣式。 我對於這個每週計劃表非常著迷,因為這對於安排日常生活和計劃很有幫助。真心向你推薦這款每週計畫表。

The Weekly Planner