What’s in a first year PhD student’s backpack

I always pack hundreds of things in my backpack (well, maybe it’s too exaggerated😂) But to be honest, I always think my backpack is overweight, I still think I should carry all of these things. Okay, let’s get started! Let’s take a look at all the things in the backpack of the first-year doctoral student!

✅Mask and hand sanitizer:
These two items are must-have things in my bag this year. I usually bring some masks with me, just in case!

✅Water bottle:
This always can motivate me to drink more water.

PhD students can’t live without a laptop, so let’s skip this one!

Normally, I don’t wear sunglasses in Taiwan. But in Texas, this is a must-have item in my daily life.

Here comes a notebook girl! I am so obsessed with notebooks. Usually there are at least two notebooks in my bag. One is for writing daily to-do lists, and the other is for recording various lectures, meetings, or research-related matters. (I have a specific notebook for lab meetings and laboratory notes)

Now it’s 2021! Who doesn’t need a mobile phone?

✅Pencil case:
As I mentioned before, I love everything about stationery. I have various color highlighters in my pencil case. I like to color-code different lectures, different experiments, and different topics in the weekly notebook.

If you are a graduate student who major in biology, you must know that it usually takes a long time to conduct an experiment. Therefore, music is an indispensable thing in my PhD career.

Sometimes reading literatures or reviewing courses are boring. In addition to coffee, chewing gum can help me focus on the thing that I am doing.

✅Facial spray and lip balm:
Working in the lab for a long time can always make the skin dry because of the air-conditioned. So moisturizer and lip balm are essential to me!

✅Card holder:
We use cash and coins most of the time, but now I have to change my habits in Texas!

✅Emergency pouch:
This is the first aid kit. It contains some hair bands (it’s more convenient to tie your hair when doing any experiment), some painkillers (ibuprofen, Acetaminophen), band aids, hand cream, lipstick, cleansing wipes ( for cleaning my iPhone) This may be understood by those who do experiments, the phone is really dirty…)

How about you? What’s your essentials in your bag? Share with me in the comments below! Leave an email to subscribe my blog, and you will be notified once new post is published!

💋 XOXO// Claire

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嘿! 我是Claire,白天是位在美國攻讀神經科學博士學位的博士生,晚上則是分享生活的部落客。我喜歡科學、生活、時尚的事物,我也喜歡寫作並與人們分享我的觀點和想法。對我而言,寫文章分享這些事物是一件很有趣的事情。 我將分享所有有關我的生活的一切事物。希望你能藉由參考我的經驗來幫助你獲得更好的生活方式。在這裡,你可以期待將會有很多與科學研究、生活、時尚相關的文章。 希望你們會喜歡。

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  1. 一個人在美國生活學習已不容易,再往博士這五年學程邁進就更加艱難了,讀碩士像爬三千公尺玉山,讀博士就像在爬八千公尺的喜馬拉雅山,莫怪現在許多人總是碩士畢業就不再繼續讀了,攻頂過程遇到的問題很難想像,這必須除了決心還是決心!給所有在美國的學子加油!加油!

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